GEM TC Corsica “U Scontru” , the group of mutual helpPersons with head trauma and brain damage” was born thanks to the Law from 11th of february 2005 on the equal rights and opportunities for the participation of the persons with disabilities to the citizenship process.

GEM TC U Scontru is associeted to the network UNAFTC, the National Union Associations of Families of persons with head trauma and brain damage. The group is made of professionals and volunteers who organize different typer of activities for the isolated persons with brain damage, facilitating their social interaction and participation.

Its mission:

  • favour the mutual help between persons with brain damage and/or head trauma
  • help these persons break the isolation status they live in
  • create contexts whre these persons can be heard, where they can exchange experiences, information and mutual help
  • offer convivial moments in different moments of the day

The organization has one headquarter in Ajaccio and one in Bastia, and it is finaced by the Regional Health Agency. It also has an active collaboration with IRIPS (the Regional Institute for professional and social inclusion).