Logo Unessa

UNESSA is a federation of organizations that brings together 7 different sectors of activity: 1. Early Childhood Care and School Health Promotion 2. Help for young people 3. General Hospitals/health care 4. Socio-professional integration/inclusion and the social economy 5. The elderly (elderly home care) 6. People with disabilities 7. Mental Health. UNESSA federates 900 structures in Wallonia and Brussels, representing nearly 60,000 workers employed by the affiliated institutions.


UNESSA is a civil society organization, a federation of reception, accompaniment, help and care for people. The role of the Federation is to:

  1. Facilitate the work of the affiliate’s members
  2. encourage the development of future professional practices within the network
  3. Promote social, technological and organizational innovation
  4. support the member services in the construction of their project
  5. to participate in the realization of coordinated policies aimed at the primary interest of the beneficiaries.
  6. To be the voice of its members with the authorities and official bodies to defend and promote the interests of the sectors.

UNESSA is a front-line interlocutor in the defense of the values of the affiliated institutions.

UNESSA articulates its actions around the following values, which are the pillars of its social purpose: – Human dignity

– The quality of services to individuals

– Commitment to an inclusive society

– Non profit-making

– The geographical and price accessibility of services.

– Transparency, collegiality and openness in governance.

– Freedom of association and initiative.