The project

Project N.


Financial channel

ERASMUS+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Training


30 months– Nov. 2019 – April 2022 + COVID extension Nov 2022

General Objective

  • improve the autonomy of people with mild disabilities, through support towards socio-professional inclusion in companies.

Specific objectives

  • Promote the long-term professional integration of people with a mild disability through the promotion of good practices from all over Europe and the verification of the transferability of these good practices;
  • Increase the competences of the job coach through the creation, experimentation and dissemination, at European level, of a training reference framework and pedagogical tools;
  • Initiate a sustainable dialogue with the companies of the partner territories, the potential employers, in order to define common pathways to professional integration;
  • Increase the attention of public and private, national and European institutions to the barriers that limit the access of people with disabilities to the labour market.


  • Collection of good practices and inventory of each country of the partnership in terms of socio-professional integration of people with people with disabilities.
  • Verification of the transferability of good practices.
  • Development of the training and competences standard.
  • Testing through a pilot training of 12 job coaches.

Target groups

  • People with mild disabilities.
  • Jobcoaches wishing to be trained in the accompaniment of the first target group.

Final results

  • Creation of a manual of good practices.
  • Creation of a training and competency standard for job coaches (EQF level 6).